Friday, May 15, 2009

It's worth it?!

Well I had to make the font here large so I could see it. Seems I'm paying for the fun I had yesterday? As I mentioned in my last blog, my daughter and I watched court tv followed by funny movies. It was so hot and humid we turned the A/C on,closed the blinds and remained nice and cool. During a break in the movie, my daughter brought out all the new makeup she had recently bought on sale. She then thought it would be fun for me and her to try out some of this new makeup. Now anyone who knows me knows that I hardly ever wear makeup. However I went along with her idea. Moments later she held up her mini laptop and stood beside me and said "mama, say cheese" she then showed me the picture of us she took on the webcam. I didn't like that picture so she grabbed the digital camera and tried again. I then allowed her to snap a few photos of me alone. You can tell I'm in my natural habitat by the Aflac Nascar t shirt and bandana with paw prints I'm! I hate to have my picture taken so it was quite a big deal to my daughter. I never like any of my photos. I think it goes back to my denial of what I really look like...if I don't see a photo of myself, I don't have to accept how horrid I look...make Boy I've really let myself go over the past few sad! I may let my daughter upload a photo or two to some of my online accounts hoping that seeing them everyday might desensitize me to their horror? I did however really enjoy the day. While getting ready for bed, I washed my face and put my moisturizer on my face. Suddenly around 3am I woke up because my eyes were burning and hurting! I went to the bathroom mirror and whoa! I couldn't even open my eyes...they were swollen shut! I used a warm wet washrag and after a few minutes I pried them open...what a sight....I looked like a pug dog with those big bug eyes! Now i had a film of yellow fluid covering my eyes. My eyeballs feel like I have sand in them,it hurts to blink. I'm sure this is a reaction to the eye makeup from yesterday. Oh well,I wouldn't change a thing that happened yesterday. I made a memory with my daughter so it's all worth it. Bug eyes and all.... Have a blessed day! Gentle hugs, jayna

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  1. Aww, I'm sorry that you had an allergic reaction to the makeup. At least you were able to spend the day with your daughter!