Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm back and Summer is here!

Hello all! Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged (that word just sounds so weird)sounds like something I should say "excuse me" after it occurs! I've had a tough month. The trip to the cabin was a disappointment since I never stepped outside. I did rest though, in fact I stayed curled up in bed from Monday thru Thursday. Came home and ended up in the hospital on Friday. That was a nightmare! I won't bore you with the details but I ended up signing myself out of there quickly due to poor care! It reminded me of how thankful I am for MY doctors! Once I was able to reach my docs(which took days due to the holiday) I started receiving excellent care and was on the road to recovery. However, it's ironic that patience is a virtue I'm terrible at and yet that's the one I need to master. I think it's one of God's ways of reminding me of this?! I tell ya I have been tested in this area for a month now. Lately it's been taking my body entirely too long to heal. I'm back on house arrest since my immune system has taken a nose dive and must continue to take chemo/steroids. Doctors orders. To prevent cabin fever I usually spend alot of time in my backyard, birdwatching(esp. purple martins),tending my garden, and watching my dogs romp(they only go out when I do,strictly house dogs!) However it seems that summer has arrived suddenly and it's hot! In fact it's too hot for me to enjoy my backyard time during the day. I'm now trying to adjust to going outside at dusk and dawn and slathering myself in DEET to avoid the masses of mosquitoes! At this very moment it's raining and we're having a severe thunderstorm...high winds,hail,thunder and lightening. Hoping we don't have yet another tornado warning..we've already had a few this season. During the past month I have been able to borrow my daughter's new mini laptop and I'm learning how to use Facebook and Twitter. They both have pros and cons. I enjoy catching up with old classmates and coworkers with unlimited # of characters on Facebook. However there's something about Twitter that I find entertaining. I hate only being allowed to type in 140 forces me to use abbrev. and I have a pet peeve about using proper English or at least complete sentences! LOL! See I just noticed I also now use phrases like LOL (I miss haha & heehee). At first I was uncomfortable on Twitter,seemed intrusive and voyeuristic to "follow" people,especially celebrities but oddly enough I enjoy reading posts in their own words. I almost feel like I get to see that celebrity as a regular person in their natural habitat. Once my daughter pointed out that those that tweet do so because they want to share with the rest of the world, no one is making or paying them do so...of course the exception may be Ashton or Demi but that's just a rumor..jk...aaaggh I just did it again! I meant just kidding! I have engaged in some fun conversations with many people on both FB and Twitter! For those of you who know me you know that I bought a pair of Crocs over 4 years ago. I wore them to work each day and continue to wear them each and every day here at home. Of course I tried a couple of off brand knockoffs but quickly gave them away and went back to my navy blue beach style Crocs. I've have a painful foot condition for 5yrs and when the doctor encouraged me to pay $ 500 for orthotics I was desperate enough to consider it. However since I didn't have that kind of money in the budget, I had to wait until I could save up to afford them. A friend of mine recommended I try a pair of Crocs. I hesitated because the only store(Dillards) that carried them only carried one style and it was covered with holes(because it was a beach style shoe-duh!) The next day she brought me a pair to try out. Well within 1 hour I was hooked! I went straight to the mall and bought my one and only pair of Crocs! My Crocs have served me well but I've noticed the treads are worn so I'm saving up my pennies and shopping for a second pair! Lo and behold I just found Mr. @GeorgeGSmithJR and @Crocs on Twitter and thru these folks websites, I've found their entire catalog! I'm in Crocs heaven! There are so many choices of Crocs, I had no idea! I thought I only had to decide which color of Crocs this time but no! The choices are abundant to the point my head is spinning! I also learned about their group SolesUnited which puts shoes on those who can't afford a pair of shoes in many countries's an amazing group endeavor for Crocs so please check them out and consider joining the will give you the warm fuzzies! I get so tickled when someone replies to my tweets. It helps occupy my time and mind and cuts down on the "lonely's" (is that even a word?) Like I mentioned in earlier posts, I'm still trying to figure out who this "Jayna the disabled lady" is suppose to be? Still waiting on a hint from HIM on what is the plan now? Not trying to whine here just confused. See I thought I knew what my purpose in life was...wife,mom and nurse. When these duties and activities were no longer possible I just wasn't prepared. When I didn't die by the expiration date the docs gave(which passed a month ago) I'm now left scratching my head wondering ok, now what? Guess I should try to start living instead of waiting to die?! So I'm switching gears here or mindset at least. I'm going to start reaching out now and try to connect with others. The kids convinced me to "blog" as a way to journal my new journey. Hope to post more often now that I'm feeling a bit better. I better go now, it's really storming here and my dogs are freaking out! Have a wonderful Wednesday all. Be sure to take good care of you! Jayna

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